Pictorial History

Here are photos and descriptions of our dogs who have contributed to the quality pedigrees of today"s "Gearhart Aussies". 

Some have passed on...but in our hearts, they live on.

  HOF Mistrettas Shadow Hawk DNA-CP


Gearhart Foundation HOF Sire

September 10, 1992 – June 30, 2006

Many dogs have gone into our pedigrees.  Hawk was an outstanding individual, a handsome representative of the Aussie breed, and a central dog in our program.  Everything of ours goes back to him somewhere.  He is like the Hub of our program.

Hawk was co-owned with Victoria Mistretta and touched the hearts of those who knew him.

Black Tri Male dark copper with white trim Eyes Blue Tail docked CEA/Ch prcd/PRA HSF4 and MDR1 Normal/Clear Optigen CMR1 - Normal/clear OFA Excellent 21.5 in 50#

[ Mistrettas Eagle Song x WTCH Mistrettas Zagala Con Ojo Zaca]

Coronado’s Exclusive Sensation CGC DNA-CP


August 24, 2000 – December 22, 2014

Bandit is the “best of the best” all rolled into one; and unmistakably Mistretta...look and type. Bandit exemplifies the ASCA Breed Standard and has sired Conformation and Working Trial Champions.


Blue Merle male 21in/5 lbs Eyes Blue OFA Excellent

[ WTCH Mistrettas Bandito Ballou RTDsc CD x Bandit Can-ams Calais of Mistretta]


  Daughters Darling DNA-CP


    Matriarch of Gearhart Aussies

DeeDee provides the foundation of today’s Gearhart Aussie

March 25, 1993- April 2, 2009

Black Tri Female dark copper with white trim 18.5in/38lbs Eyes: Blue/Brown  Tail: NBT OFA Excellent

[Mistrettas Rough Eagle OTDd STDcs x Mistrettas Natushi Linn ]

WTCH Mistrettas Bandito Ballou  RTDsc CD DNA-CP


Talented and Handsome

July 29, 1997 – June 7, 2009

  • Most Promising Started Aussie 2002 ASC of BC
  • Most Promising Started Aussie 2002 ASC of WA summer Spectacular
  • Delta ASC Silver Bullet National Pre-show 2002 High Combined Non-WTCH
  • ASCA National 2002 Fourth Open Cattle
  • ASCA National 2002 Eighth Most Versatile Aussie

    From the first two weeks of age, everyone knew Bandito was special ... and he only got better!

    Blue Merle Male dark copper with white trim Eyes: Blue Tail: Docked  21in/55lbs OFA Excellent 

[HOF Mistrettas Shadow Hawk DNA-CP x HOF Mistrettas Mountain Flower DNA-CP]

Mistrettas Diamond InRuff DNA-CP


Foundation Dam

October 28, 1995 – July 15, 2009

Diamond is one of Gearhart Aussies foundation females, contributing to the natural instinct and beauty of her titled offspring.

Black Tri Female dark copper with white trim 19 in/40lbs Eyes: Blue/Brown Tail: Docked OFA Good

 [Mistrettas Silverrain STDs DNA-CP x Mistrettas Rebeca Del Sole STDcs]

Photo credit Tina Mistretta

Gearhart’s Prima Maya DNA-VP


May 5, 2001- October 5, 2014

Maya...sweet Maya!

Black tri Female dark copper with white trim Eyes: Blue 18 3/4in/35 lbs Tail: NBT  OFA Good

[HOF Mistrettas Shadow Hawk DNA-CP x Daughters Darling DNA-CP ]


CKC Int’l CH Mistrettas Bear Named Ballou STDsc DNA-VP


Commanding Attention in All Venues

July 7, 2002 –

Bear depicts the essence and definition of the breed standard  

Bred by Gearhart Aussies ~ Owned by Touchstone Australian Shepherds 

Black tri male, white with dark  copper trim 22 1/2 in / 62 lbs Tail docked Eyes brown, OFA  Good

[WTCH Mistrettas Bandito Ballou CD RTDsc DNA-CP X Touchtone Heartsongs Dance]

Gearharts Grand Truffle STDds HRD2s DNA-VP


Nov 19,1999- April 23, 2014

Truffles has produced multiple titled and WTCH offspring.

Black Tri Female dark copper with white trim Eyes: Blue/Brown Tail: NBT 19in/42lbs OFA Excellent

[WTCH Mistrettas Bandito Ballou CD RTDsc DNA-CP x Daughters Darling DNA-CP]


Photo credit Tina Mistretta 

Gearharts Rey de los Gitano RS-E JS-E GS-O DNA-VP
King of the Gypsies


June 14, 2006 -
Gitano's handsome good looks and charming personality captivate all of those coming into his world.

Black Tri Male dark copper with white trim Eyes: Blue/Brown Tail: NBT 21in/48lbs OFA Excellent

[ Meritts Prince Clifford  X Gearhart's Grand Holly Hawk DNA-VP ]

Gearharts Saltfleet Juba! DNA-VP


August 8, 2005 -

Nicknamed "Hooba Juba Wiggley", Juba is full of energy, enthusiasm and movement.

Black tri female, white with dark copper trim ~ 19in / 41lbs ~ Tail Docked ~ Eyes Brown ~ OFA Excellent

[CKC Int'l CH Mistrettas Bear Named Ballou STDsc X HOF Fairoaks Grace Under Fire DNA-CP]

Gearharts Headliner DNA-CP


February 26, 2004 -

Rocky is a balanced individual that passes on his good structure and pleasing temperament to his offspring

Black Tri male with copper and white trim 21in/50# Eyes Brown Tail docked OFA Good

[ HOF Mistrettas Shadow Hawk DNA-CP X Roxy Ballou of Gearhart DNA-VP ]

Gearharts Singing Biloxi Blues RN DNA-VP


January 14, 2009 -

Biloxi is fast-moving, energetic and has that aussie grin.

Black Bi Female with white trim; 20.5 in/45 lbs; Eyes Blue; Tail docked; OFA Good

[Coronados Exclusive Sensation DNA-CP X Spinoffs Cleopatra JS-N DNA-VP]

Gearharts Karma Chameleon DNA-VP


January 4, 2008 -


Karma has spectacular color, is athletic and loyal.

Blue Bi Female with white trim, Eyes Blue 20 in/40lbs OFA Excellent

[WTCH Mistrettas Before The Thunder X Spinoff's Cleopatra JS-N]

Gearharts News Flash DNA-VP 


May 31, 2011

Caption has beauty, intensity and presence

Flashy, red merle female with dark copper and white trim.  Eyes: left blue, right blue with brown halo. 19 in/40 lbs NBT. OFA Hips Excellent, Elbows Normal. CEA/CH, HSF4, prcd/PRA, MDR1 Clear/Normal. Full Dentition/Scissor bite

[ Coronados Exclusive Sensation X Benali Solar Wind ]

Gearharts Black Jade of Gearhart DNA-VP



January 30, 2010 -


Jade is a beautiful girl with a sweet disposition; moderate with an exceptional shoulder and neck.
Black Bi female 19.5in/39lbs Eyes Brown/BlueOFA Good
[Coronado’s Exclusive Sensation CGC x WTCH Gearharts Dragon Eyes]

These dogs are linebred Mistretta HOFX

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