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Gearhart Aussies is located in Gearhart, Oregon USA on the Pacific Ocean. Blake Osburn and Judhi Chopping believe in the "true" Aussie, a versatile dog with the intelligence and beauty to compete in any venue...one who has a keen natural working instinct, who is physically and mentally sound, and one with an excellent temperament. Our Aussies go the extra mile to please...they are "clowns" and smile with the best...they are  valuable companions and loyal protectors. 

Gearhart Aussies feature the "Mistretta Hall of Fame Excellent Kennel" bloodlines, line bred with selective outcrosses. Our dogs are of moderate size, males being 21 inches and females  19 inches with slight variation. Many of our dogs are natural bob tails (NBT) and all have natural ear sets. Blue eyes, intense color and dark copper trim are common in our dogs. The dogs we breed are OFA excellent or good; and without compromise to any faults or fads. They are tested for genetic issues (such as CEA, Cataract, MDR1, PRA, CMR1 ) and must be free of any hereditary disorder before breeding. Eyes are tested, annually, by a certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist.

Gearhart Aussies have been placed in the United States, Canada, Austria, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Finland,France and South Africa; and are top competitors in working stock dog trials, agility and obedience as well as in conformation; and they are beloved family pets.

Gearhart Aussies is an approved kennel, registered with the American Kennel Club and with the Australian Shepherd Club of America; and is designated a "DNA Certified Kennel."

We thank you for your visit to our website today and hope that you enjoy viewing our dogs.



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